Still here.

Not much going on. Still running. Still doing everything I’ve been doing. I’ve been preoccupied with the pursuit of a job which I just landed today. So… pending a drug screening, which I’ll pass without a problem, I am officially employed. Finally.

Tonight’s run was a little rough because I’ve been a little stressed out and haven’t had the motivation to cook. I’ve been eating sorta unhealthy over the weekend. Pizza and such. Tonight I had a frozen pizza (which I haven’t had in a while and now realize I do not like after eating healthier, haha) and that was not good run fuel. It was a rough run. But the temperatures around here have been dipping into the 60s at night which makes running a lot more pleasant. All the runs since last week have been great. Nice and steady and strong. My week break is coming up and then I will start increasing miles.

I’m moving Tampa this weekend so I get to run a new route which should be exciting! I start my job on the 24th of this month, so I’ve got some time to get situated up there.

Good stuff!