Moving on…

This week has been eventful and strange in more ways than one, but everything has been pretty positive. There has also been some negative stuff, but the positive outweighs that by a mile.

First, the running. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been doing some strength training which has helped my running in a big way. It’s really nothing too strenuous. I’ve been dong squats and lunges with a 20 pound weight and I’ve been doing calf and shin exercises to help improve balance and prevent shin splints. Regardless of the simplicity, it makes running feel almost effortless. Last night when I ran my 5K distance, I got through the whole thing with the ease of walking. I know I should be challenging myself, but this week is the last week of base building. Next week I move on to some speed training and I’ll be upping my distance over the next month. I can see a large amount of muscle development in my legs, too. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that! So… running is going exactly as it should even if my methods aren’t as prescribed by everyone else. Then again, the normal stuff never suits me and I always manage to get where I need to be without hurting myself.

This brings me to another point. I haven’t been using the Runner’s World forums at all over the past week or so. I don’t have anything against them, really. Some of the veteran runners over there even have good advice to offer. But running isn’t rocket science and I’m sure I can manage this on my own. I’m educated enough on the human body and fitness to the point where I understand what not to do. The forums always just turn into some huge argument and, while I expect that from a forum, it’s not why I started going there and if I wanted to go to a forum where arguments happen, I’d go someplace a little more exciting where the people actually know how to argue. Plus, I’ve noticed a lot of the runners are pretty close-minded and uptight people. I think that’s why I was never part of the running herd before. I ran alone and I liked it that way. I think that’s how it’s gonna be this time, too. I’ll run races, but I’m not going for the social aspect. But… there are a lot of you I met on RW who I think are fantastic people and I look forward to bumping into you. I just don’t think RW is my scene.

One thing which has given me serious energy for my workouts this past week is that I’m on the verge of having a job where I get to work from home (which is good since my car was stolen last year and I’ve been unemployed) and it’s only part time so it gives me flexibility to find another job if I can. It also means I can move out of Port Charlotte where there’s nothing to do and no jobs to be had. That means I’ll be moving up to Tampa which is what I’ve been aiming for since May. To make things better, a good friend of mine in Tampa said I can live with her in her 3 bedroom house. Their roommate moved out and they have room for me now. I can do the work from home job there, of course, so that’s a place to live in Tampa and a job! She said that even if I don’t get the job for some odd reason, I can still move in and find work up there. Being in a bigger city like Tampa will make finding a job much easier than it has been here in Tampa. There’s a bus system there and I’ll have access to a bicycle, which I didn’t have here, and occasionally a car until I get my own. SO! That’s very good news. I should be in Tampa within the next couple weeks. I’ve even mapped out my runs up there already. haha. And the greatest thing about this is that I’ve lived with this girl before. I know what kind of roommate she is. We live together very well. No drama hiding there.

This is all coming at just the right time because the roommates I’m living with have decided to move two other people in and this house has become a 24/7 party. While that might sound awesome to some, it gets old really damn fast. And, trust me, I love to have a good time. Plus one of the new roommates seems to think he’s the boss of the house and he’s going to find out that ordering me around doesn’t fly. He’s got the general idea already since when he barks an order I just look at him like he’s lost his tiny little mind. I can tell he’s all bark and no bite, and I wouldn’t be worried even if he could bite because I bite harder, but I’m not putting up with that very long. It comes down to me leaving or beating someone into the hospital.  I think removing myself is the best option. Jail doesn’t sound fun.

Everything is going very well. I should be up to 10K in the next couple months and I should be well on my way to having another car and I’ll be living in a much better place. I just wish it could all happen TODAY! haha.

I’m also very happy that Facebook successfully hid my birthday this year. I always ask it to, but the past years it has not. This year it finally worked. I’m not afraid of getting older, but I don’t see any reason to have a page full of birthday wishes from people I haven’t even talked to in over a year. I figure if you don’t know when my birthday is on your own, then we’re probably not close enough for you to worry about it. It’s just another day to me, anyway. It passes just like any other. I’m not gonna tell you which day it was this past week. haha.

That’s all for now.


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