Since I posted a week ago, I have started doing a few things different when it comes to my running. People who read this may remember that I took a week off after I completed the C25K program. Since I started back up I’ve been taking it a little easier on the running in order to focus on exercises for building overall strength for better stability and muscular endurance. I haven’t cut back on the running too much, but the extra work from the other workouts have definitely taken up the slack for that.

Tonight I really felt the effects of the strength training. My form stayed good nearly the entire run and there was never a point where I thought that my body was too tired to move forward. Physically I did not have to push too hard. Mentally there was no problem. In fact, the only problem I seemed to run into was that my stamina seemed to suffer a little. My best guess is that my body is stronger than my lungs now. That’s fine. I have no problem playing catch-up. I had a feeling that it was gonna end up like this anyway. That’s the main reason I want to start doing more high-intensity workouts. I want to get my VO2 and my muscular capacity working on the same level. I’m willing to let this be the case for a little while until I get used to the strength training and can make that part of my regular running workouts without having to sacrifice distance. Then I know my body will be able to handle the speed training with less risk of injury.

In other news, I’ve had two interviews for jobs in the past week. Those are the first two I’ve had since moving back to Florida in June. Both seem very promising. I’ve earned second interviews from both so I should know something very soon. I’m hoping to land both.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll be updating as often as I used to because it’s always the same when I post every time I run, but rest assured I have not stopped running just because I’m not posting every other day haha.

I’m pretty happy with the progress right now. I may readjust my goals since I’ve had some time to think things through and I now understand better what I’m up against, but it’ll only be a matter of giving myself more time to train properly. Either way, the goal of the Miami marathon in 2013 is still set.


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