After a self-imposed break to let my body heal from the C25K + cross-training over the past 3 months, I have returned to my normal routine…. kinda. This past Friday marked a week off and I ran 1.5 miles to sorta ease back into things. Then I did some cross-training on Saturday after finding one 20 pound dumbbell in the garage. haha. It’s only one, but it’s better than nothing. Tonight was my first night back to full 3.1 mile distance and I took it nice and easy. The results of my short hiatus were instantly apparent. My body felt so stable and rested. The distance wasn’t hard at all. I’m just happy that my old method of taking a week off every 7 weeks (2 month cycle) hasn’t changed as my body has aged. It does so much good. Although… I do get very restless for that week! haha.

Nothing else to report. Just checking back in.


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