Running while the sun is still up is a bit odd after running past midnight for the past 3 months. It’s not bad, though. I’ve only been running in the dark to avoid the heat, but it has been cooling down slightly around here when the sun gets low so I’ve decided to run while it’s easy to see outside. It’s a completely different experience and it makes everything seem a lot easier. I guess because you’re not trying so hard to focus on any potential dangers in your path. The streetlights around here do a decent job, but there are definitely some dark stretches which can get a little taxing.

I ran W8D1 tonight. I only say that because it’s the 22nd run in the program, but I’m not really doing what it tells me to do. I’ve just been running the 5K distance for the past two workouts which takes me just over 30 minutes. For the novices, I do not recommend this unless you’re ultra sure you can. If I felt even a shade less capable of doing this, I would not. I’m right on that border. I’m slowly moving away from it, though. I’m not disobeying the program for any particular reason. I wasn’t worried about hitting the goals of this program or anything. I blame running in daylight for it, actaully. Being able to see my 5K distance halfway point because of the light just motivated me to go for it. There was no way I wasn’t going to reach it now that I could actually see it.

I’m going to stick with this distance for a few weeks (the rest of this program included) and then add a day for speed work. But, I’ve already talked about all this. Saw some cyclists while I was out. One male and then a female about 10 minutes later. Both said hello as they passed me. That was the first human contact I’ve had while on a run in a long time. haha.

It feels great to be out there doing this. It’s not always pleasant while I’m out there, but the refreshed feeling of strength I always feel afterward is definitely worth it, even if there was no other reward. I love feeling stronger by the day.



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