The sun was still up when I went running today. Not for any particular reason. I went outside, realized it was a good temperature and the humidity was low and thought it would be a good time to run. I went back inside, threw on my gear, left my Android behind and went for it. It was nice being unchained despite the lack of music. Honestly, I didn’t really notice.

When my 5 minute warm-up ended, the running was a tiny bit rough for the first couple minutes. Just had to find the groove. Once I stopped thinking about it, I fell right into step. It was all pretty mundane from there, but I passed that white fence I’ve mentioned before and thought “Why don’t you just run to the next intersection?” That’s about another 1/3 of a mile. So, I went for it. This would mean going farther than I’m supposed to. I honestly just wanted to see if I could do it. My body felt fine. Usually I’d be a little tired by then and be dreading the second half of the run. I wasn’t. At all. I hit the intersection and turned around. Everything was going great.

The trip back wasn’t that bad. I did have to encourage myself a bit, but a tow truck honked at me and gave me a thumbs up so that gave me everything I needed to finish the run. I’m pretty sure the driver was a runner, too. He was definitely built like one. Not the stereotypical big guy you see behind the wheel most of the time. Finished 2.85 miles at a 10:30 minute mile pace (30 minutes). My nipple bled a little which was confusing, but whatever. I guess it’s the shirt haha.

I had a good time. Now I’m relaxing for my weekend with a glass of wine. I feel pretty good. What a nice day!.


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