One thing I realize about what I’ve been doing lately is that I never appreciated being in shape before. Not truly. Back when I was in top shape, I got there because I needed to for martial arts. I was doing it because I had to in order to do something I wanted to do. I also started doing it when I was an indestructible teenager and kept that up seamlessly until my mid-20’s. I did love running, but it wasn’t as challenging. There were hard parts, sure, but I was in good shape to begin with so it wasn’t as hard as it seems now. This time I really do appreciate when it when I power through a run like I did tonight. W7D2 wasn’t nearly as much of a struggle as the past few runs have been. Normally I’m pushing myself and thinking things like, “You can do this. This is easy. Keep going so you can be strong for the next run! Was that dog crap you just stepped in?!” Tonight I was actually thinking about this Audi I want to buy when the finish chime rang. Even though I knew it would ring soon judging by where I was on my route, it still surprised me a little.

Another thing I’ve thought of lately is that the running has become sorta routine and, since the runs are harder and they take longer, it’s getting tedious. This is not to say I’m sick of running at all. I still love it. I guess there was just something about the shorter intervals and the ability to speed up without killing myself that made it exciting. I think that once I’m conditioned enough to start speed training, the thrill will be back in full swing. I do still look forward to my run days and I never hesitate to go out there and do it, so I’m not in trouble. I just don’t want that to change haha.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be moving to Tampa when I’ve saved up enough to get a car (that damn Audi!) and pay for everything necessary to secure an apartment. I’ve decided to look into martial arts schools up there. I know, I know… I’m crazy. This will be my third style, but I’ve been away from it for far too long and I really want to get back into it. I haven’t decided which style yet, but I have it narrowed down to a few. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out which will work best with where I’m living. So, I have to move and get settled before I can finalize my decision. Luckily, the few options I have in mind are equally appealing for different reasons. I won’t be unhappy with whichever works out to be the best. I honestly think that the fitness I will achieve through martial arts and the inspiration it will give me for other workouts / running is going to be huge. And by that time I’ll be in good enough shape that starting up won’t be so difficult.

Well, it’s green tea time. Gonna relax myself into a mini-coma.


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