Two in a row!

Yeah, I shouldn’t make a big deal out of running two nights in a row, and I’m not going to. I’m simply stating the facts. As I said in the last entry, I had to correct that Wednesday – Sunday run schedule. My legs felt great within 20 minutes of my run last night, so I figured it was okay. Everything feels fine now even after my second run day in a row. I’ve obviously made enough progress to do that every now and then if I need to for whatever reason.

Nothing really special about the run tonight. The last five minutes were challenging and I was pushing pretty good, but when my phone chimed to signal the end of my run, I kept going for the extra 50 yards until I reached the start / end point. It’s not a huge distance, but when you’re already out of gas, it’s quite the ego boost haha.

Tomorrow I do my non-run day workout which consists of push-ups, calisthenics and Pilates core training that will improve my running. I’m also going to attempt to begin a pull-up routine. This is probably not going to go very well at first. I don’t think I can do a single pull-up these days. It won’t stop me from putting in the effort until I can, though haha. I remember being able to do over 20 of them. Good lord, I’m out of shape. But I’m getting it all back and it has to begin somewhere. It really does get on my nerves that I let myself get this out of shape. I know I didn’t have the time to keep in shape so I can’t be too mad at myself, but I forgot how much I missed feeling the burn when you’re pushing yourself and that awesome ache the next day when the muscles are healing. I can’t describe it, but it just makes you feel so powerful and self-assured. Love it. I’ve said before that I come closer to feeling like the man I was with every run. Well… I think I’m pretty much there now. haha. Someone even commented the other day that they’d noticed a big change since last time they’d seen me and that was just before I started the program. At first I was worried that maybe they were calling me an asshole, but it turns out they liked the change. So… that’s something. Not that I give a damn what anyone thinks, but it’s nice to know that the confidence I feel on the inside isn’t just my mind playing tricks on me.

Time to have some green tea and relax with some 30 Rock which I’d never seen before yesterday. Netflix has all the seasons so I’m doing it marathon style. It’s a lot funnier than I thought it would be, which is why I never watched it before.



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