Tonight was a little odd because I ran with some whiskey in my system haha. I know, it’s not the smartest thing to do, but I made a new friend tonight who just happens to be a local cop and he was showing me his rare gun collection while feeding me expensive scotch. Last thing I wanna do is piss off a local officer in his own home. Besides, if someone is offering you booze out of a $250 bottle, it’s kinda rude to say no.

Don’t worry, I didn’t get drunk. I don’t even know if “buzzed” would be the word, but it did relax me a little and I think that took some of the intensity away. I ran the 25 minutes at about the same pace as my last run. DISCLAIMER: Do NOT run with alcohol in your veins. That said, it wasn’t that rough. Granted, I didn’t drink a lot, but you don’t want to be relaxed when you’re pushing for a 25% increase in your distance. I got through it, but I really just felt like I was going through the motions. At the end of it I was pretty indifferent about the whole thing. Judging by the increase in distance I’m pretty sure I’ll hit the 5K mark by the time I finish the C25K program.

The good thing is that there are 3 more runs in Week 7 which are exactly the same as tonight. In fact, I was only supposed to run a distance of 2.25 miles in that 25 minutes tonight, but I made it 2.54. It works out to about a 9:50 minute per mile pace. If that trend continues, 3.1 miles is gonna be a breeze by graduation.

So… not bad at all. Not as thrilling as I wish it would have been, but it got done and I guess that’s what matters. Oh, and I think I’m going to run W7D1 tomorrow night even though I’m supposed to be taking a 2 day break now. I cannot stand being on a run week that starts on Wednesdays. It’s really messing with my mind. I keep losing track of days haha. I spent all Saturday thinking it was Thursday. My legs and knees feel fine. I recover so much faster these days. I honestly think I can do the run and be okay since I’ll have the rest day on Tuesday.

I know I haven’t really been providing much content for the beginners lately and that my posts haven’t been as entertaining, but I’m really trying to push past some of these mental blocks. I’m way inside my own head when it comes to running at the moment and I’m not sure when it will end. Don’t worry, I’m a goofy bastard so it’ll be entertaining again soon. I just hope that my struggle can provide some sort of benefit to the novices because you might go through this, too. I’m pretty sure graduating this program is going to go a long way toward freeing me mentally. I think running the race 39 days from now is gonna put the final touch on that. After that I’ll be able to train my way because I’ll be conditioned enough to do so.

It’s nearly 4:00 in the morning. I’m going to bed.


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