Rain, rain, come and play…

… the sun can shine another day!

Or night, since that’s when I run haha. Tonight was excellent! When I stepped out the door, I noticed the heavy cloud cover was hosting one hell of a light show. Lightning all over the clouds, but no thunder. No lightning hitting the ground. It wouldn’t have stopped me if there was, but it was a beautiful display and it psyched me up. I started the C25K app, hit play on the MP3 and started my warm up walk. Mostly I just walked and enjoyed the lightning, but about 3 minutes into the warm-up walk my phone decided to reboot for no reason. SO! I went back to my house while it rebooted and started from scratch.

Take 2! Everything is going as planned and I was glad for the extra time on the warm-up walk because my calves were a little tight after pushing a little on some calf exercises yesterday. I’m trying to strengthen them to avoid injury since my pace seems to keep increasing even though I’m not making any effort to do so. More on that in a moment.

The first 10 minute run interval started and I found my running groove very quickly. My calves loosened up right away and the obvious benefit of the exercises I’ve been doing lately really showed. I set off at a pretty good clip. I tried not to think about it too much, but I decided it was fine to keep that pace because I could always slow down later. That was the last time I thought about it. Everything went smooth as butter for the first 7 minutes.

As I rounded the corner that leads to that white fence I mentioned in my last entry, the one which indicates my “halfway point”, the clouds let loose and the wind picked up hard. 20 mph gusts put that heavy rain right into me. I smiled like a kid at Christmas as I felt adrenaline burn through me. I’m sure my pace picked up here, but I didn’t notice it. Surprisingly, by the time the run interval ended, I did not make it as far past that white fence as I did last time despite the difference in run / walk time. I found that odd, but I didn’t care. I was just happy about the nice warm rain and all the wonderful lights in the clouds. I walked out the rest interval like I was supposed to while being clobbered by the elements.

The second 10 minute run started right where I left off with the first interval. The cool wind and rain still had me pumped up. I didn’t feel tired at all. This time I felt no mental block. I wasn’t concentrating on my breathing. I wasn’t thinking to myself, “Come on, you can do this. Just a little further.” Nothing like that. I was just happy to be out there and running. Tonight’s storm may have done me a world of good. About 3 minutes into the interval, I started to fret for my earbuds (they’re not waterproof), so I ripped them out and put them in my pocket. No music. Just the sound of the rain in the trees and the wind in my ears. Fantastic! I made it to the stop sign where my run begins and usually ends, but there was no chime (it rings out through my phone speaker, too, so I can hear it even when not wearing headphones) so I kept running. And I kept running. Finally, I thought perhaps ripping the headphones out may have stopped the app because it automatically stops the music. I quit running when I got within a tenth of a mile of my house because the stop sign is a quarter mile out. I figured it had to be off. About 30 seconds after I stopped running, it rang. If I’d kept running for that time, I probably would have made it to my driveway. Obviously my pace had picked up. I felt great. No aches. No pain. I was pretty pleased with that increase even though I shouldn’t be happy about it since I’m playing with fire here. haha. But I honestly don’t feel anything telling me that I should slow down. If I did, I would do so immediately.

I hope my mental block is gone for good. I guess we’ll see. Everything about tonight was awesome. I am so happy about everything that happened and I’m pretty impressed with my progress if I do say so myself. This run reminded me just why it is that I get out there and do this. I’m in love with running all over again.


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