I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with tonight’s run. Honestly, I thought going back to intervals was going to be really off-putting, but my pace was better than I thought it was going to be and I think it had to do with the intervals. Let’s go back to W5D3 for a moment.

The turn-around point on my route for W5D3 was a white privacy fence that backs right up to the sidewalk I run on. That run is 20 minutes straight, so the turn-around / halfway point would come at 10 minutes. Well, tonight was W6D1 which is 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 8 minute run, 3 minute walk and a final 5 minute run before the cool down walk. I got through the first 5 minute interval with no problems what-so-ever and I even completed it at a pretty good pace. I was supposed to walk for 3 minutes at this point, but I had to…. tend to some business behind some bushes. I know, I’m terrible, but it wasn’t anywhere near anyone’s home. It was in some woods. SO! I probably only walked about 1 minute of that interval. The 8 minute interval started and I got right back into the groove with that same good pace. As I approached the white fence, I started to wonder if I was going to make it. Once I reached it, I wondered if I’d reach the other end. Once I reached that, I said to myself “What the hell is going on here?” and I continued to think that until I heard the halfway chime signal me to turn around. I was well past the fence!

Now, if you’re counting, that’s only 9 minutes of running and about 1 minute of walking. it’s not 10 minutes of running like I did on W5D3 and only just reached that white fence. With a 1 minute deficit (give or take), I managed to pass my prior mark by a respectable distance. I was very surprised and I wish I had a Garmin or some other pace tracking device so that I know how quick I was moving. I figure that my distance on W5D3 was 2 miles and that was in 20 minutes, so it was a 10 minute mile pace. This was faster and that’s very good news!

Needless to say, I’m very excited about this. I can’t wait until my next run!

I’ve also started eating healthier in the past week. I have been eating a good low-calorie breakfast (which is also filling) and a high-protein lunch and dinner of chicken, brown rice and broccoli. Then I eat a banana, apple and pear for snacks throughout the day to help speed my metabolism. I’m under 1300 calories for the day on average and I’m full all day. I can already see progress in my waist and in my face. I can also see more definition in my shoulders and biceps, so the fat is definitely melting. It’s nice to feel healthy and have energy again. Also, my legs no longer hurt at all and I’ve started doing some exercises to prevent that from happening again.

It’s all coming together, kids! For now I’m gonna go drink my green tea, relax and watch something silly on Netflix.


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