Week 5, day 3 is complete! 20 minutes straight and I hit the 2 mile mark! That’s a 10 minute mile pace which is faster than I thought I was going. Everything was perfect tonight. Maybe the heat was a little high, but the humidity wasn’t bad and my body felt strong. I kept a nice, smooth, flowing pace the entire time.

Starting out, my calves were a little stiff, but that was gone within 5 minutes. The run was a piece of cake for the first 10 minutes which I really didn’t expect. After that my mental block took over a little and I was pining for the end by the 15 minute mark. I refused to slow down and I refused to stop and when the chime sounded for 20 minutes, I smiled as I slowed to a walk did a little jig. I run at night so the car that was pulling up to the stop sign where my run begins and ends must have thought that was pretty funny. I didn’t look back to find out.

One thing I noticed tonight during my cool down walk was that my knees weren’t sore at all. My recovery was faster this time, too. Within 10 minutes after coming inside I was completely recovered. Looks like my stamina has improved drastically in the past few weeks. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. My knees only ever hurt during my cool down walks so I never thought much of it. Obviously it wasn’t serious since the issue has resolved itself with no attention given to it.

I’m still a little too inside my own head, but I think the intervals this coming week are going to help with that. I think by Week 7 I’ll be trucking right along without a care in the world.

If I wasn’t so tired (not fatigue) right now I’d be a lot more exuberant about the whole thing, but my eyelids are heavy and I want to go to sleep. haha. I woke up very early this morning and I always feel so relaxed after a run. Tomorrow is cross-training and then a complete rest day on Tuesday. Wednesday is going to be a blast!

I’ll leave you with a link to an image containing a story from Taky Kimura who was one of Bruce Lee’s senior disciples. I’m not a die hard fan of Bruce’s, but sometimes his wisdom was very inspiring. Click here to check out the image.

Goodnight, kids.


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