Week 5, Day 2 of the C25K plan has me feeling pretty ambivalent, but I think it has a lot to do with the past 2 weeks leading up to this. It also has to do with the things which go through my head while I’m running haha. As I said in my last post, I was happy that the pain in my leg was completely gone and it seemed to be 100% healed up. Well, it is. I confirmed that tonight. I also said in my last entry that I had walked a long distance which tightened up my legs pretty good. That tightness combined with the discomfort from the cross-training I’ve been doing made Day 1 of this week a very rough and ugly run. Well, that was Wednesday and I’ve had a day off of running since then. In that time… all of the aches and pains left my body and, when I started my warm-up walk tonight, I felt light as a feather. My legs felt strong and my stride was smooth. It felt great!

The running started and it took my body a minute or two to find the rhythm, but once it did I was nice and steady and I had no problems completing the 8 minute interval. Despite my confidence, I was a little surprised at how well it went and how little thought I put into it. What I did think about while I was running was how I seemed to be running slower and that has been true for the past 2 weeks. I’m sure it has something to do with the longer intervals, but the feeling that I’m running slower is messing with my head. I don’t feel as strong as I should and it’s disrupting my overall flow which, in turn, is affecting how I run. It’s like a vicious cycle. I know it’s all in my head and I need to get past that block. It was easier to do that on the shorter runs because I didn’t have to think about it for as long haha. It’s a long way from minute 3 to minute 8 when you haven’t done 8 minutes yet. I really wish I’d been able to keep my mental strength from the good ol’ days of running even if I couldn’t keep the physical abilities. One thing I did notice that made me very happy was the huge decrease in recovery time. After the run tonight my legs felt fine after only 15 minutes and I cooled off a lot quicker. I think the cross-training has contributed to this, so that will continue.

Now… I’m thinking that once I get past the last run in this week, I will have broken through that block. After all, 20 minutes at this point will be both a huge ego boost and proof that I’m capable of a sustained run. Going back to the intervals next week will be easy and then it’ll just build right back up. I’m sure that this is a normal thing people go through at this stage of the program. I’ve seen similar thoughts posted on various forums so I’m pretty sure I’m doing fine. I don’t remember having these thoughts when I went through this last year, but last year I was in a completely different state of mind overall.

SO! As you can see from this post and the Day 1 post, I am WAY too far inside my own head and I am really ready to get right the hell past this point. I know getting past Week 6 is going to kick this into a brand new gear.

Well, it’s past midnight and the boiling hot shower relaxed me so much I think I might actually be typing in my sleep. Again, sorry it’s not as fun to read this week, but I guess there will be times like these on the road to the marathon.

If I have any advice for the other beginners this week, it is this. It doesn’t matter what you’ve excelled at in your life and it doesn’t matter how good you are at anything else. Running is the equalizer. All beginners will come to a point where doubt and slow progress start kicking your ass. Just push past it. It’s the only thing you can do. Just don’t push so hard that you hurt yourself. At this point I wish I’d never run before so I didn’t have such high expectations of myself haha.



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