I know it’s been a little longer than normal since I last posted, but there’s a reason for that. The first thing you need to know is that the pain in my shin that I’ve mentioned once or twice was really bugging me since my last run on Saturday. I had a two day rest this weekend and I thought that would do the trick, but Monday disagreed. An involuntary 2 hour walk on Monday morning just exacerbated the whole situation. Also, I’ve been doing a workout on my non-run days lately which consists of some basic Pilates core training, prisoner squats, push-ups, step-ups (where you simply step up onto something about knee height until your leg is straight) and a few other things. This really keeps the heart rate up and it really works the legs and butt. So… I was stiff from that, then the long walk and the leg pain… I didn’t get to run until last night. 5 days off! I was not pleased.

All of this did some good, though! First, the walk seemed to help get rid of that nagging shin pain. Second, the walk and the cross-training may have tightened me up pretty good, but all of this added some strength despite the soreness. I was only sore because I hadn’t used those muscles in a while. You wouldn’t think it, but walking uses different muscles than running does which is why running has been easy but the walk was hard. Some of the same muscles are involved, of course, but I never really thought about that before. Now that I realize just how much that means, I’m going to start going on long walks on my run days, too. Anything to strengthen my running ability. I’m shocked at how much I’ve forgotten about my body in the the 6 years or so that I’ve not been working out. I’m glad to get reacquainted with it all now, though. I’m also glad to see that I still know what to do in order to make my body strong, Obviously the workouts I’m choosing are doing a lot of good.

Now we come to last night’s run. Week 5, Day 1. Finally! Week 5 is here! I do wish I’d been able to start this week a little more smoothly! Last night was a very ugly run because of how stiff I was from the walk and the cross-training. The first 5 minute interval felt like I was doing a fast waddle haha. I was loosened up by the second interval, but my muscles were still sore so I didn’t run at the pace I wanted to. Despite the slow pace, each 5 minute interval was easy! They felt like the 3 minute intervals did last week. Also, I took a new route last night. I planned it out on MapMyRun.com back before I even started Week 1. It’s a perfect 5K route. I decided to start it on Week 5 so I could measure my progress by how far I got on the route. Given that I only ran a collective 15 minutes last night, I think I’m still doing a good job on pace. I got almost halfway through the route and I’m running for half the time I will be upon graduating fro the C25K program. I do believe the extra 15 minutes of running will make up the difference and I shouldn’t have any problems hitting that 5K distance. So, even though last night was a little rough, I still did better than I thought which makes me feel pretty good about it all. I’m thinking that W5D3 is gonna be pretty easy at this point.

I wish this entry could have been a little more fun, but nothing about this past week in fitness has been fun haha. One nice thing this week is that I did some healthy grocery shopping and it didn’t cost much at all. I bought something like 9 lbs of chicken, 5 lbs of potatoes, 6 lbs of broccoli, onions, red peppers, apples, pears, eggs, lean ground beef, refried beans, flour tortillas and black olives for something like $50. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’m thinking it’s gonna be more than a week. These are all foods I love and they’re all healthy. Lots of nutrients in all these foods and the meals will be low in calories.

So, it was a rough week, but I think it did me a lot of good in the long run. I cannot wait for my next run to see just how much good I’ve done for myself.


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