Pushing Through

Today was Week 4, Day 1 of the C25K program. This is the week that defeated me the last time I attempted it. The only one I had to repeat. BUT! Last time I did not finish Day 1 on my first try and this time I kicked it’s ass! Not that it didn’t get a few good shots in. There were definitely times when I wished I could stop running, but I refused to let that happen. This week feels a lot like last week. Last week the 90 second runs were easy and the 3 minute runs were hard. This time the 3 minute runs were a breeze but the last 2 minutes of the 5 minute runs were a bit of a struggle. Again, not to the point that I felt that I should stop, but enough to make me wish I was only doing the 3 minute runs haha. I am mindful of the fact that last time I had to repeat the week so I’m going to wait until I finish Day 3 to see how I feel about progressing without repeating.

Since the 4th of July knee tragedy, my right leg (mainly the shin) has been aching a bit immediately after my runs. Usually everything was fine within an hour or so. If not, I’d just give it a little TLC and it’d be fine. This time there is no aching despite the hardest workout so far in this program. I’m glad to see that the conditioning aspect of C25K is taking hold and that the damage to my knee is healed up. That makes me a lot more optimistic about the rest of this program and beyond. The only thing that made me uncomfortable about this run was that I foolishly ate a bunch of jalapeño poppers earlier today for lunch. I love them, but that was not a good idea to eat on a run day. Let’s just say they attributed to some dehydration which made me feel a little overheated at the end of tonight’s run. I’m all nice and hydrated now, though, so it’s fine.

I do hate my diet right now, but I have no choice over the food I eat. That might sound strange, but, as I’ve mentioned before, I am unemployed. I have to eat whatever is available and I try to keep away from what my wonderful hosts consider their favorite foods. That’s just courtesy. I’m not happy about being at the mercy of others and I keep trying to tell myself that this is temporary and I’ll be back on my feet pretty soon, but right now it’s pretty hard to swallow and it is affecting my physical and mental health. Some good news on that front, though. Today I received a promising e-mail from a temp agency that has been doing their best to find me work. Port Charlotte, Florida is not a big place and, therefor, not a lot of jobs. Since my car was stolen in St. Louis this past New Year’s Eve, the job search in Florida has not been easy. I’ve been here since May with no leads despite hundreds of résumés and applications circulating. If it wasn’t for running, I probably wouldn’t be dealing with all of this as well as I am. I am thankful that I have the ability to do something positive during this crappy period of my life. Anyway, I cannot wait until I have money coming in so that I can afford healthy foods and so that I can get another damn car. My goal is to get everything sorted out and move up to Tampa which is where all my friends are.

Enough with the sob story! Despite all of that I am actually in pretty damn good spirits. I am more excited to run the 5K on my birthday weekend than I have been since I started running again. No matter what life brings me in the coming year or so, I am not going to stop running. I am going to run that marathon in 2013 and then start running marathons all over the world! What could be better than running and traveling? haha. I’ve been all over anyway, but this time I think I’ll enjoy it more somehow. I can’t wait to get back to England and see all the friends I miss. It’s all just a matter of time.


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