… don’t do it! When you wanna go to it!


Hello, there! I’m in a pretty good mood. Not for any real reason and it might have something to do with the Baccardi in this orange juice, but I killed Week 3 tonight and I felt I deserved a celebratory cocktail. Nice and relaxed now. I’m always very relaxed after a good workout and a hot shower, but the cherry on top tonight is a very welcome addition.

This run was one of those runs that beginners need to know about. The lack of running groove. Basically, you start running and your body doesn’t slip into running mode. It’s not exactly that every step feels labored, but you definitely don’t feel natural while you’re doing it. Sometimes this will happen and it will go away in a minute or so or after your first interval, but sometimes it can last for the entire session. It’s not that your body is in trouble and it’s trying to tell you to stop or anything that drastic. I honestly believe it’s what happens when you sneak up on a run haha. That’s exactly what I did tonight. I was just sitting here waiting for run time and then, out of the blue, I just decided to get up and do it. I was out there running within a few minutes of the decision. I didn’t give my mind time to catch up with the fact that I wanted my body to do something else. Anyway, this is going to happen to you. As long as it doesn’t hurt, keep going. It will subside and, even if it doesn’t, it will give you the progress you need. Not every run will feel good. Just push through the bad ones and the good ones will feel so much better.

My shins and calves were aching pretty good after this one and I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve only been back inside for a little over an hour and I feel fine. Just dull echoes where the pain was. I stretched out the affected areas, massaged them and then took a hot shower. Seems to do the trick. Keep in mind that when you graduate this program and go on to much longer runs, hot showers are not the answer. You’ll want to consider ice baths. Don’t worry, you get used to them.

That’s about it for now. Gonna go finish my drink.


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