Week 3

Week 3 of the C25K program, that is. I started it yesterday morning. I know I didn’t make an update for the last day of Week 2 so if you’re on the edge of your seat wondering how it went… it was fine haha. Really nothing to report at all. But yesterday was great! Week 3 is finally giving me a little taste of what I’ve been wanting to get back to with running. I know it sounds silly, but a 3 minute run isn’t all that easy if you’re out of shape, so being able to do it when you know you couldn’t have done it a few weeks ago does wonders for the ego. What? You don’t have an ego? Well, you’re gonna need one if you’re serious about wanting to run! 😉

Yeah, I’ve still got a very long way to go and the clock is ticking, but I’m on track and I’m mentally ready to graduate this program. Now it’s all just a matter of getting my body ready, too! At the very least, I’m itching to hit the last few weeks of the program with the non-stop runs. I cannot wait to run the 5K race in September and the half marathon in March. I wish I could tell you that I was anxious to run a marathon, but it’s still a bit frightening to me. I love the idea of it, but I think it would be insane of me to not be intimidated right now when I can’t even run a 5K distance. And, of course, I’ve set my marathon goal to be less than 4 hours, so that’s gonna be rough. It’s one of the reasons I’ve given myself until January of 2013 to try it.

All I can say is that if you’re a beginner and you feel like you want to stop running but you’re not feeling any real pain, don’t stop before it’s time. That’s assuming you’re using an interval plan like I am. Yesterday’s run made me want to stop twice. Both times at about the 2 minute mark of the 3 minute runs. I pushed through and I felt like a million bucks when it was all done.

Now, only you can decide what “real pain” is, but just being tired isn’t it. You will definitely know it when it comes and you’ll never make progress if you don’t push. Granted, I’m not saying you should keep going if you feel like you’re going to black out, but you have to break your mind’s control over your body. Your subconscious is just as unsure of what you’re doing as you are, if not more. It has no idea what the hell you’re trying to do and it wants to sit on the couch watching The Simpsons. Make your mind love this as much as you want to. Give it rewards by finishing what you start. Once it realizes that there is something more to this than just pain and hard work, it’ll take you to levels you never thought you’d achieve. Trust me, you’ll get a taste of that when you can run 3.1 miles without stopping.

Alright, I’m tired of typing. Tune in tomorrow!


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