Back In The Saddle!

Alright, I’m right back where I should be. Thinking back to my run on Tuesday after a two week break, I really thought this entire week was going to be a struggle. I was blissfully wrong. Tonight was a breeze! That is to say, I didn’t feel like I was going to quit at any point. It’s easy to look back on a run and say “Man, that was too easy” but the reality is that the run was a challenge. Not too much of a challenge, mind you. Just enough of a challenge to let me know that I’m still doing the right amount of work. I still feel great, though, and that’s the important part. Running is so addicting. I’m still riding on the buzz and I’ve been resting for over an hour. It just makes me want to become the ultimate health machine!

Now… I run with music. Yes, that’s right. I’m an irresponsible asshole who will endanger all the other people out there between the hours of midnight and dawn in this sleepy residential neighborhood. Cars knocked over, little old ladies frightened, strollers crashing and babies on fire everywhere! I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON! So… that being said, sometimes when the right song comes on and your adrenaline is involuntarily affected, you get a feeling like you’re a locomotive charging through the night heading right for a car on the tracks. Unstoppable. Sure, you’re just some jerk running through a deed restricted community and you might die if you hit a crack in the sidewalk the wrong way, but the fantasy while you’re running is nice. Some people say “I don’t need to put myself in another place mentally in order to run” as if to say that they’re better than those who listen to music or silently repeat a mantra to help push that extra mile. I say that life is worth living and you should be able to do whatever the hell you want so long as you’re not hurting anyone else. If you hurt yourself, that’s on you. So get out there and do whatever it takes to get your feet moving. I don’t care if you need to wear a tutu and no shirt while calling Marine Corps cadence on your runs. If that’s what you need to do… do it. The important part is that you are doing it! Funny how pretentious ass-hats can, and will, make you doubt that. Don’t let them. Tell them to go fuck themselves if it makes you feel better. After all, running is about you and if they make you doubt that, then their focus isn’t where it should be.

On a different note, I have been really abusing my Netflix account lately. I don’t really do TV, but there are certain shows I like and Netflix has a lot of them. Between that and Hulu, I’m pretty much set. Anyway, Netflix does give me access to stuff I wouldn’t normally think about watching and I’ve found some real gems lately. I’m not your activist hippie type person, but I do believe that big business and lobbyists in Washington are pretty much running the show. I’m not into partisan politics, so I don’t really support any party. I support people with the right ideas regardless of who’s backing them. I went on that little rant so that you know I’m not some eco-friendly, tree-hugging, anti-establishment, hyphen-loving kook when I suggest you watch “Food, Inc”. It’s a documentary on the food industry designed to inform people about the greed and the processing practices involved with bringing food from the farms to your table. There was a part about using ammonia to cleanse filler meat that is used in your pre-formed hamburger patties. So… you’re eating ammonia. Not cool! And isn’t what we’re doing here all about health anyway?

I’m starting to realize that the raw food types aren’t crazy. It’s actually quite logical. Now… keep an open mind when you watch this stuff. It’s easy to get sucked in to propaganda. Just make your information sources vast and learn to read between the lines. For example, while raw foodists are healthier than the McDonald’s lovers, they suffer vitamin and nutrient deficiencies 9 times out of 10. Meat isn’t necessarily important, but it’s not evil either. And cooking your food can actually help make certain foods better for you. It’s all about educating yourself. There’s also nothing that says you can’t have pizza and hot wings and all that jazz a few times a week. Anything is fine in moderation. The human body is amazingly resilient and we’re programmed to think a certain way about it. Did you know that the human body is capable of living on NO food for extended periods of time without doing any damage to your organs or muscle tissue? If it wasn’t, mankind wouldn’t have made it past the stone age. Winters would have starved us into extinction. I’m not recommending that you stop eating (without first consulting a physician) but unlearning what you know about your body’s limits and “healthy dieting” could make a huge difference in your overall health. I’m not trying to sell you on anything. I’m just asking you to gather information on your own and make your own conclusions. No one is hiding it from you. Well, that’s not true, the food industry IS, but the information is out there so go find it haha.

Oh, by the way, I tend to use bad language when I feel it’s appropriate. Sorry I didn’t put a disclaimer out there, but now you know. 😉

Until next time…


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