Another Week Down

The light rain this morning made my run very enjoyable. It might not be for everyone, but a gentle thunderstorm on a warm summer morning before first light can make a run a magical thing. I always look forward to runs like this. But, this run had some imperfect parts, too. Mainly caused by my phone. Or, more specifically, my new MP3 player app. But I think I have a handle on it now, so that should be the end of my phone issues while running. For now, anyway.

I gotta say that this C25K program really is a good thing for a beginner. I am overweight, I smoke (very lightly), I drink and I don’t even eat as healthy as I could, but these past two weeks have just breezed right by. I can’t wait to hit week 5 (when you do your first workout with no walking intervals) and power right through it. Perhaps I’m getting a little cocky due to my past running experience and my recent runs in this program, but there’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of optimism! I know that my desire to run a long distance is the residue of how much I used to run, so maybe I have an edge here in the motivational department. I can definitely understand how someone who has never run before might get discouraged after the first few weeks of this program. Well, don’t give up! When you complete this program, and you totally can, you will feel unstoppable. It’s amazing what this program can do for one’s self-esteem.

Today I found out that the race I wanted to run in August isn’t happening. I don’t know why. For all I know, I misread the date. I don’t think so, but it’s possible. So, that shot a hole in my plans. Luckily, there’s a race closer to where I live about a month later. Actually, it’s the day after my birthday! I’m taking that as a sign. It’s the GROW Africa “Run for Water” 5K in Cape Coral, Florida. That’s about 40 minutes from me, so it’s not a bad drive. And it’s for a good cause which makes me more than happy to get out there and run even if I’m not trying to win or set any records. Not that I’m in good enough shape to do that anyway haha.

That’s one good thing about running races. It’s something you can enjoy doing and most races are charity events. I don’t think there are ever any bad causes to run for. I’ve never heard of a race to benefit Nazis or the 3rd Annual Wife Beater 5K. So, It’s nice to benefit others by doing something you’d be doing anyway. I’m not a Christian (I know, I know, I’m going to hell) so I’m a little iffy on running any church sponsored events, but I’m leaning toward the thought that those the church helps aren’t all necessarily Christian either and those people deserve the help that my registration fee can provide. I also totally understand if you don’t want to read my blog anymore based on the fact that I disagree with organized religion and question the existence of God. I really don’t think that’s a factor that should segregate people, though. The only “religion” I will not tolerate is Scientology. Other than that, I love everyone. Doesn’t matter to me.

Well, Monday is Independence Day. I’m gonna go prepare for the alien invasion like I’ve done every year since 1996.

PS: That was a joke. And this tinfoil hat is purely for aesthetic purposes.


4 thoughts on “Another Week Down

  1. I also did the C25K program when I started, and I was really nervous about that first 20 minute run with no walk breaks! I was so surprised to find it was easier than I expected.

    I personally prefer that races NOT be connected to charities, especially not ones that ask you to do fundraising. I think running is a worthwhile endeavour in and of itself, and I don’t need to justify my participation in a race by its connection to a cause. If I mention I’m running a 5K, please don’t ask me what cause it’s for! The cause is just my own health, fitness, and enjoyment. Why isn’t that enough?

    I actually am a Christian (of sorts), but I’ve never seen a church sponsored race. Probably because I live in a very nonreligious area.

    • Oh, I’d still run a race even if it wasn’t connected to a charity. That’s definitely not my motivation. Most of the time, I don’t know what the charity is. If it’s something I care about, I’ll pay attention. I have no idea what charities any of the races I plan on running are connected to except that GROW Africa race. And, to be honest, I only know because of the title. Then again, I’m not against giving money to that charity. I just think it’s a small perk. Hell, I’m not even running so I can run races. I only want to run races to challenge myself haha.

      I haven’t seen very many church sponsored events, but there are a couple happening around here soon which is what put it in my head when I wrote this.

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