One week down. Seventy more to go.

Good lord, seventy?! That seems like forever! Well, they say patience is a virtue. I heard that from the hooker who hangs out down by the laundromat. I guess she was having a slow day. But, as virtuous as I may be, I gotta admit that I’m a bit anxious to run the marathon. I just have to keep cool and not get ahead of myself. I don’t think I could even run a full mile right now without utilizing the run / walk interval training. I have a feeling that if I tried, I might end up staring vacantly at the ceiling of an ambulance as the EMT tries to hide the astonishment on his face as he says, “You know, partner, we joke about this stuff a lot but I didn’t think a heart could actually explode out of a chest like that. Where’s the camera?” So, I have plenty of time to get in marathon shape and I gotta make the most of that so I can not only run the marathon, but do it at a good pace. I’d like to do it in less than 4 hours. Seventy weeks. I think I can pull it off. If that means I’m kidding myself… *shrugs* Fine with me! At least for now.

For the past week I have been following the Couch to 5K program, but I have not done anything else to achieve my fitness goals. I’m still considering what I should do for cross-training. I know I’ll be doing typical calisthenics and, since I currently live in a house with an in-ground pool, I’m going to make as much use of that as possible. Cycling has never really been my thing, but I may bite the bullet and go buy a cheap road bike. Anything that helps strengthen my legs, knees and hips. It is pretty daunting to go from being pretty much sedentary to ambitiously active. I’m afraid that if I push myself too hard, I’ll want to quit. My basic plan is to get into shape gradually, picking up new exercises and such along the way as my energy level goes up. Hopefully it will prevent a big shock to my system. It’s a delicate balance, though, because even though I have seventy weeks to get this done, that time will fly and I need to make sure I’m making the most of my time.

This is what happens when you start working on a big goal like this. You want to be able to do what you’re aiming for immediately! Even though it seems like that energy would turn into tenacity, what it usually does is throws you off your game. It is extremely important to take things one day at a time and push yourself through that day instead of thinking about the next day. If you need to pump yourself up during a workout / run, just picture the ultimate goal in your mind. Do not dwell on what you have to do to get there. It is better to focus on small goals while you’re on the path to the big one. Eventually you look back at the day you started and you’re amazed at what you’ve accomplished. So, there are little rewards along the way that make it all worth while and strengthen your resolve. Just get out there and do it and let what comes naturally happen.

I’m off to enjoy my weekend now.


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