…And So It Begins

Every journey begins with the first step. Alright, that tired cliché is out of the way now, so let’s move on. This morning I went for the first run in my “training” for the marathon in 2013. Due to the insomnia I mentioned in my first entry, I was able to run at 4:30 a.m. which is ideal when you live in Florida during the summer and the only time the weather is cool enough to run is in the last few hours before sunrise. I think it went pretty well.

For the beginners who may be reading this blog, here’s some helpful information. If you’ve been thinking of starting up running and you’ve been investigating how to get started on the internet, you have probably come across the C25K program. If not… well… there’s the link. As I’ve said, I used to run quite a bit, but then life kept me from it for a long time before I trained for my 5K race last year. Being a former long-distance runner, I was skeptical of the C25K plan because it almost seemed too easy. Well… let me tell you… this is exactly what you want. You don’t realize how out of shape you are until you start doing this program and figure out just how challenging it can be to run for 60 seconds without stopping. On the other hand, it is a very well designed program that conditions your body gradually for long-distance running. If you follow it closely and pay attention to your body (pains, aches, etc), this will give you everything you need to get in basic running shape that will take you far beyond a 5K run should you chose to go for a longer distance. I recommend it 100%. In fact, Week 1, Day 1 is what I did this morning and I will be following this program until I complete it. After that I will go back into my old training routine from years ago since I’ll be in the proper shape to do so. More on that later.

According to the MapMyRun app I have on my Android, my workout carried me 2 miles with the C25K interval training method. I don’t think that’s too bad for a run / walk combo. Although, it did take me 30 minutes to do that, so obviously I’m not setting any land speed records. If you’re interested in the MapMyRun apps, they’re available for Android and iPhone and you can find them through the link I provided. This morning was the first time I’ve used it, but it seems to do the trick pretty nicely. I’ll report any problems I might come across.

So… it’s a start. Nothing amazing to report, but I got out there and did it and that’s more than I have been doing for the past year. I do feel energized and I cannot wait until my next training day.

I already have the basic gear I need to start running so there will be no entry about going out and buying all the stuff I need to run, but I’ll tell you this. Tech clothing is a godsend. For the novice, what that means is clothing made out of synthetic fabric which breathes really well and wicks moisture away from the skin. I used to think running in a t-shirt was just fine, but it’s not. The difference is unreal and I can’t imagine running in cotton anymore. The same goes for socks. Go get some DryMax or Balega running socks. You’ll save yourself a ton of pain due to blisters and such. Lastly, the shoes are important. Don’t just go to a sporting goods store and pick up some Reebok running shoes just because it’s a trusted name. Go to a REAL running shop and get your gait analyzed and let the people there help you pick the proper shoe for your stride. It makes all the difference in the world and it helps prevent knee, hip and shin pains which can knock you out of training for a week or two which is not the kind of setback you want to experience. A lot of people do not start running again if they get injured in the beginning and can’t run for an extended period of time. Don’t let something as simple as shin splints due to bad shoes stop you from doing this. Spend the $100 or so and get the proper shoes from people who know what they’re doing. You’ll be glad you did.

I guess that’s it for today. I’m still not in the groove with this blogging thing yet, so bear with me. I’ll figure out the flow of it all soon enough. haha. Either that or you’ll just get bored and stop reading. Good thing I’m not doing this for fame!


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